1. Passionate – A good translator should be passionate about their job they should always be eager to learn new things and to learn more languages to make an effort. That they should know everything about a language so that they can be confident about it and deliver it more effectively. The language translator learning experience should never be ending they should know and study more about a certain language and master it.

2. Great translation skills – A good translator should be trained well. They should make sure that they have experience, skills, and already master about the language not only through orally but also written. Languages have a lot of components it can be complicated it is important they know what is right to provide better understanding and knowledge when translating.

3. Great vocabulary – A good translator should not have limit vocabulary. It is important that they learn and have a wider knowledge about what language they are specializing. It is also important that they are knowledgeable about their mother tongue in that way translating can be an easier process for them and give them a much faster flow.

4. Clear – It is important that when translation the translator is clear about everything from expressing it on their own words. They should make sure that they build a more understandable and cleared structure of paragraphs or sentences so that everything is clear and accurate to the client.

5. Quality – It is essential that the translator has cared about the quality of their job. They strive hard and work hard to provide quality translation to the clients. They should be fluent in the language that they are translating may it be oral or written it is important that others can see the quality of what you can do.

6. Resources – It is necessary that translators should use all the references and the resources they can to make sure that they provide quality and correct translation to their clients.

7. Honest – It is hard to translate. There might be misses it is important that the translator doesn’t miss even a single detail, to be honest on what they are translation to make sure that any words or expressions are delivered correctly to avoid misunderstanding and conflicts. It is important that they admit if ever they miss out something or delivered something incorrectly.

8. Accurate – as we all know translations should be accurate the translator should only deliver the correct information to the client. To make sure that they provide the right and exact meaning by using all the resources that they can.

9. Accept mistakes – Nobody is perfect. It is always important to admit something if ever we done it wrong. A good translator should also be humble. They should accept corrections and suggestions from people or tools that are evaluating them and from that mistake. It is important that they learn from it so that they can strive for more in the future and do better.